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Ratification by Belgium of the European Convention on the Adoption of Children (Revised)

On 7 May 2015, Belgium ratified the European Convention on the Adoption of Children (Revised) of 27 November 2008.

This convention entered into force in Belgium on 1 September 2015, and complements the 1993 Hague Convention.

The convention only applies to adoption of minor children which create a permanent parent-child relationship.

It decrees all essential conditions of the adoption.

The aim of the convention is to match developments in society and law with regard to the European Convention on Human Rights, on the basis that the child’s greater interests must at all times come before any other considerations.

The convention contains the following changes:


States are prohibited from imposing certain conditions on adoption: the number of times a person adopts cannot be limited, and a person cannot be stopped from adopting because they have or could have a child.