photopageaccueilThe aim of this heading is to introduce greater transparency in relations between a lawyer and his or her clients, in accordance with the rules of the Ordre français des avocats [French Bar Association] at the Bar Association of Brussels of 10/02/2004, and the regulations of the Ordre des Barreaux francophones et germanophones [Order of the French and Dutch-speaking Bars] of 27/11/2004.

The procedures for setting Maitre Van den Bossche’s costs and fees are based on transparency.

The hourly rate is fixed according to the nature, the degree of complexity of the case, and its potential urgency. It is fixed by joint agreement with the customer during the first consultation.

Before any intervention in a new case, a fee agreement will be signed with the customer, which particularly sets out the lawyer’s assignment, the hourly rate and the charges that will be applied and which have been agreed at this first consultation.

What do the fees cover?

The fees cover the services and duties performed by the lawyer.

They include all services such as the submission, examination and the management of the case, the exchange of correspondence, the drafting of acts of procedure, the drafting of agreements and letters, negotiation meetings, interviews, research in doctrine and jurisprudence, consultations and written legal opinions, travel.

Telephone and email communication are recorded in real time, as well as travel and waiting time in courtrooms.

The fees do not include legal costs and outlays which are in addition and are, in particular: bailiffs’ fees, court fees, administrative and civil status documents, translation costs, information requested from the national register. These costs should be settled by the client directly – payment of these is under no circumstances incumbent on the lawyer in charge of the case.