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avocat pension alimentaire

Fathers and mothers are obliged to assume, in proportion to their abilities, the accommodation, maintenance, health, supervision, education, training and development of their children. If their education is not completed, the obligation continues after the child comes of age.

Abilities mean all the professional incomes, movable and immovable property of the father and mother, as well as all the benefits and other means which ensure their standard of living and that of the children.

Both the father and mother contribute to the costs resulting from the obligation laid down in article 203, § 1 of the Code Civil [Civil Code], up to his or her share in the cumulative abilities.

Costs include ordinary costs and extraordinary costs. Ordinary costs are the usual costs relating to the daily maintenance of the child.

Extraordinary costs mean exceptional, necessary or unpredictable expenditure which results from accidental or unusual circumstances and which exceed the usual budget assigned to the daily maintenance of the child which has served as the basis, where appropriate, to the fixing of maintenance contributions.